Candice Turner, Psy.D.



Candice Turner, Psy.D. PSY28684

Licensed Clinical Psychologist:




I believe that coming in for therapy is brave.

I believe that anyone willing to be vulnerable and ask for help should be heard.

My hope is that our work together will make vulnerability a little less scary.

I have studied several different treatment modalities in an effort to find an approach that a) connects with the patient on the deepest level, b) is authentic and c) is applicable. For me, this comes together using both psychodynamic thinking to develop insight and understanding and behavioral strategies to initiate change. Put simply, psychodynamic thinking means understanding the intricacies of child development and how the messages we carry from childhood shape our paths to well-being. Using a collaborative approach, I also implement different strategies to help patients further develop their sense of choice and empowerment, build confidence in their intuition, increase flexibility, and establish a genuine feeling of validation.

I have a passion for helping children and adults find the right treatment and understanding of symptoms. I see both children and adults in therapy while specializing in children with behavioral issues and women in transitional life periods. I also provide thorough cognitive assessments with an emphasis on collaboration with providers, parents, and teachers.

For assessment, areas of specialty include children with behavioral and social difficulty, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADHD for children and adults.  Out of a passion and concern for developing social abilities in children, I also provide therapy groups for children struggling with behaviors and social skills at school. 

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